Getting the Most from WatchPoint Data Protection

What to expect from WatchPoint Data security intelligence, monitoring and remediation

WatchPoint Data is the full security lifecycle package. Our service has been designed to be pain free, simple and effective. We work in the background, ensuring that security agents are running across your network, watching for threats as they happen. WatchPoint Data quietly monitors your system, with no impact on your productivity and business. We keep you safe, protect your company from attack and ensure business as usual.

Installation of the Carbon Black security agents, then subsequent monitoring and remediation of security issues is a quick, simple, effective and accessible process – you get security 2.0 to combat an organized and sophisticated cybercrime landscape.



WatchPoint Data make setup of our security intelligence system, Carbon Black, as pain free and simple as possible. We have two options:

1. Remote setup: This option is seamless, taking on average, less than 30 minutes. Deployment is silent, causing little or no impact on your organization and IT staff resourcing.
2. Guided setup: If remote setup is not possible, we hand hold you through the full install process, you’ll be up and running quickly and with little impact.

Installation can be done during office hours and its unlikely that computer reboots will be required, again reducing the impact of the install on the day-to-day running of your business – we want to keep this simple, pain free and fast.

A silent install process means that your employees productivity is not affected, they won’t even notice the installs happening as they are done, in the background, as they work. In addition, to make sure everything is correctly installed and fully operational, setup is monitored until fully completed.

Once Carbon Black service agents are in situ, security will be enabled and protection against sophisticated attacks in place.
Simple, pain free and effective

On going service

WatchPoint Data uses a remote console to monitor your security situation, using state-of-the-art technology and intelligence gathered from millions of end points to detect any potential threats.

Once a security threat is detected, we go to work with a rapid remediation strategy to ensure that the security issue is resolved as quickly as possible.
Alerts and reports are generated, keeping you fully aware of any situations that may arise and how they have been mitigated.

WatchPoint Data ensures that you are fully aware of any issues and we will communicate remediation events as they happen.

WatchPoint data offer onsite/in person intervention if needed. If this level of interaction is required we will contact you directly via phone or email with instructions on the necessary steps to mitigate or fix any security issues that have been detected. We then fully monitor and keep watch on the situation until it is fully resolved.

WatchPoint Data offer the extra steps needed to keep abreast of the increasing cyber security threats and make sure that security 2.0 technologies are utilized to protect your organization 24/7/365.


WatchPoint Data know that accessibility is key to remediation and are available to you for your security concerns or questions should. We are contactable by both email and telephone:

Phone: 866-643-2947

We offer both standard and extended service contracts:
• Standard support: Covers regular business hour support is between 8am to 5pm CST
• Extended support: Emergency support is available 24×7 by telephone