WatchPoint Comprehensive Cyber Security

The WatchPoint solution is all about fast and accurate detection of cyber attacks. By fusing advanced endpoint protection with a form of deception, the WatchPoint system is able to discern with speed and precision the legitimate activity from the malicious activity.

Perimeter-based defenses often fail at preventing cyber attacks from reaching your internal network. Cybercriminals paratroop over your perimeter defenses and touch down on your internal resources. The WatchPoint solution takes an inside-out approach to cyber security by focusing heavily on the happenings of the internal network. WatchPoint fills the gap between your perimeter defenses and the exposed internal networks.

How does it work?

It’s a layered approach to security. At one layer you’ll find Carbon Black, which is the endpoint protection system; at another layer, you have the WatchPoint HackTraps, which supplies the deception; and the third layer consists of purpose built software, like CryptoStopper, to directly combat the cyber threats of today and tomorrow.


The HackTraps give you a distinct advantage over the attackers. You know where the HackTraps are, and they don’t!

It’s Real and it’s a Trap

It’s real data, but with the added benefit of being a trap for intruders or anyone who’s poking around the network. Because it’s real data, it deceives hackers and makes it impossible to discern the real data from the fake data.

Strategic Placement

By strategically placing the HackTraps throughout your network, you ensure that your entire attack surface is covered.

Low Noise, High Accuracy

Whenever one of the HackTraps is accessed, an alert is immediately generated.  Because the WatchPoints are not accessed by normal user interaction, the amount of alerts generated by the system is minimal. This allows you to treat every alert as a real threat and won’t bog you down with false positives.


CryptoStopper is something we’ve developed in-house and is only one in a long line of unique security related products that we’re creating.

Through deception, these low noise-high accuracy sensors are mixed in with your actual data to confuse hackers and give you a competitive advantage. CryptoStopper protects your network shares against all forms of ransomware, saving you from downtime, lost files, and lost productivity.

Carbon Black

With CarbonBlack all of the endpoint activity is analyzed in near real-time. This allows you to detect intruders at the moment they compromise a system. Once a threat is realized, the vulnerable system is isolated and taken offline. Only the incident responder can communicate to the host. This allows you to simultaneously contain the threat and gather critical forensic data.

The recorded endpoint activity is archived and can be used to discover the source of the breach. This allows you to learn how the attack happened, what systems need to be patched or otherwise secured, and ensures you won’t be vulnerable to a repeat attack.

The Big Picture

Because it’s a matter of when, not if, your business will be hacked, the internal network must be more than just data. The internal network must use traps and decoys if you want to survive a breach. WatchPoint utilizes an inside-out approach to network security, which allows a business to withstand an attack, even after it’s reached the internal network.