WatchPoint Data Security Response and Recovery on Your Call

Your own personal SWAT team to help you deal with the shifting cyber threat landscape

WatchPoint data recognize that your IT team need to be focused on your internal network needs to keep your business running. The last thing they need is to have to respond to the modern phenomena of continuous cyber threats and attacks against your network and system endpoints. That is why WatchPoint Data have assembled a crack team of top level security experts, able to perform frontal assaults and counter attacks against any malicious attempt to break down your defenses.
WatchPoint Data are members of the Carbon Black Connect Alliance Program allowing us to work with you to detect and respond to increasingly sophisticated cyber threats using powerful security intelligence.


Human Response

WatchPoint Data, using the powerful carbon Black security intelligence and monitoring tool are able to watch over your organizations security infrastructure and ensure you are protected at all times. We have a highly experienced security SWAT team at the ready, day and night to attend to your security situation. Having a WatchPoint Data human response to a security problem, gives you swift action against a dangerous threat. You will save time and have swift remediation, ultimately resulting in preventing financial, reputational and other types of losses caused by malicious attacks by cybercriminals,.
WatchPoint Data security incident response team is tasked with ensuring that any security incident is dealt with in a way as to mitigate any losses and contain the problem. We are your human SWAT team, at your service, 24/7/365 to make sure your business keeps on running, smoothly and with minimized impact if an incident should occur. We extend your IT team, giving them space to work on your core business and keeping you up and running – keeping incident related problems under strict control.

Host Quarantine

Using the intelligence offered through the Carbon Black threat intelligence system, which is based on the security data from millions of endpoints, we can create a ‘Blast wall’ around any endpoint that is found to be infected with malware. Host quarantine and containment are an essential part of tackling cybercrime and part of your overall armory in the fight against cybercrime. To be able to quarantine in an intelligent manner and to ensure that you do this in a way that has as little impact on a business as possible is the goal. WatchPoint Data security specialists are highly trained and can recognize the right hosts to quarantine under the correct circumstances.
The intelligence afforded by Carbon Black coupled with the highly specialist security knowledge of the WatchPoint Data security SWAT team is the perfect combination of knowledge and data. This lets us quickly identify sources of a problem and keep it form affecting other areas of the system. This type of rapid response and endpoint threat isolation can be the difference between a minor incident and an incident that costs your organization financial as well as reputational losses.

Threat Banning

Threat banning is part of an extended approach to cyber security. Its becoming an increasingly important part of your cybercrime armory protecting your company against cyber threats. As cyber threats increase in number and come in across many vectors, the ability to stop and contain advanced threats is a natural part of an overall security response.
Carbon Black offers endpoint threat banning as part of an overall security response. This along with human response and host quarantine will give your organization the full power that a much larger enterprise would have for a fraction of the price.