WatchPoint Data Security Protection Against Ransomware

Protecting your organization against the sinister threat of ransomware: WatchPoint Data a call to arms!

Ransomware is a sinister new way of extorting money from you and your organization. It blackmails your company, corrupting your data and causing, productivity to suffer.

WatchPoint Data offer security 2.0 tools to ensure that ransomware does not infect your system and your data is protected against this malicious threat.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a specific type of malware that, once on your machine, will encrypt all of your data, not just on your PC, but across your network. It can even encrypt data in Cloud folders, such as Dropbox. Once the data is encrypted, the ransomware then plays its calling card in the form of an onscreen ransom request which tells you to pay $$$’s within 7 days to have your data decrypted. You may well pay the money, but of course there is no guarantee your data will be decrypted and this money may go to pay for illicit and criminal activities.

Ransomware has been around for quite a while, but the most recent variants are the most sinister, including the infamous, Cryptowall. Cryptowall has a sting in its tail as it wants you to pay in Bitcoins so that the transaction is totally untraceable. Once infected you’ll be asked to pay between $500-$1000 in bitcoins within 7 days or you’ll lose your data – paying up is no gaurantee you’ll get your data back, we are dealing with criminals here afterall.

A further variant is the newly dicovered (March 2015) CryptoFortress which goes a step further in encrypting literally everything across your network, even on unmapped drives. CryptoFortress is part of a new generation of cybersecurity threats which anti-virus software cannot keep up with.

Ransomware is fast becoming popular with cybercriminals. Symantec in the 2014 report on Internet security threats saw an increase of 500% in ransomware attacks and to concur with this a more recent look at ransomware by MacAfee shows that in Q1 of 2015 there has been an increase of 165% in ransomware attacks. This increase is due to replay of this popular cyber threat in recent months and as a hihgly successful and lucrative tool, we can expect to continue to see this type of malware within the security landscape.

How Ransomware Gets onto Your System

Ransomware normally gets onto your system via an email. Emails are the weapon of choice in the cyber ware against our SMB organizations. We all use email and no-one is immune to cleverly written emails that look real and encourage us to open an attachment or click on a link to make sure we are following protocols. Cybercriminals are clever. They know what makes us tick and what makes us click. They use social engineering techniques, aka human behavior to encourage the opening of their malicious attachment, or to open the link to a website that downloads the ransomware. They have even started hiding ransomware in online ads and in mobile apps.

Once the malicious attachment is opened, or downloaded from a link, code runs, installing malware onto your PC. Your data is then encrypted and you are at the mercy of a cybercriminal.

How WatchPoint Data helps

WatchPoint Data uses an early warning system to detect any potential ransomware threats to your system. The collective intelligence of millions of endpoints, captured through the Carbon Black surveillance and intelligence security system stops ransomware in its path before it hits your system.

If you’re unlucky enough to still get hit by ransomware, our SWAT team of security experts [link to response page] is on hand, instantly reacting to the attack, quarantining the infected system to protect your extended network. We can then deal with the security breach, containing the problem and removing the malicious software.