Cyber security isn’t just a problem for large organizations anymore. Once upon a time the relative anonymity of smaller organizations, with local brands and private financials, gave some protection against hackers.  The hackers preferred to target much larger companies, financial institutions, and government agencies. This is no longer true and small business is being targeted increasingly by unscrupulous hackers, intent on infecting your computer network with malware, stealing or corrupting data and causing serious financial losses through network downtime.

Where is the evidence for this U-turn in hacker tactics? Symantec, a well-known security firm, researched and produced the Internet Security Threat Report that looked at the cyber security threat landscape. They found that in 2012, 50% of all targeted security attacks were aimed at businesses with less than 2500 employees, with the largest growth area being in those organizations with fewer than 250 employees. In fact, 31% of all attacks targeted those smaller companies.

LineArtforWPD-ProtectingYouP3Where does this leave you if you fall into that bracket? It is a serious issue for smaller companies. You have neither the time, nor the resources to truly meet the level of this threat; you need to focus on your core business. That’s why WatchPoint Data developed the WatchPoint system, to act as your own in-house cyber security expert. WatchPoint works across all of your devices on the network, watching for security threats and helping you deal with them promptly, before you lose data, time and money.

WatchPoint gives you the same protection that big business has. We’ve made security accessible for all, bringing the same powerful security technology into the reach of small organizations. We protect you against the four major security threats:

  • Hackers: WatchPoint guards against hackers by continuously monitoring your servers and workstations, watching for incoming threats, keeping an eye on entry points and making sure you are protected at all times.
  • Data theft: Your data is a crucial part of your business, whether you are the custodian of customer data or your own internal documentation, it is the lynch pin of your success. Protecting this data is a crucial business strategy and WatchPoint can help you through prevention of cyber threats.
  • Viruses and malware: Viruses and malware have been an increasing issue for small business, being deliberately targeted by unscrupulous cyber criminals, who even encrypt data and set ransoms to decrypt it for you. WatchPoint works to alert you of software vulnerabilities, watches for viruses on your system and manages your patches – vital in the fight against virus infection.
  • System downtime: Because WatchPoint is designed to monitor, alert and manage your system threats, your actual system downtime will be massively reduced, saving you countless hours of repair and reducing financial losses.

With WatchPoint at your side you can beat hackers at their game. For more information about how you can win the battle against cyber criminals and ensure you keep your competitive edge, contact us at: