Become a WatchPoint Partner

WatchPoint’s Partner Program is designed to help you differentiate your business from the competition by expanding your portfolio to include deception technology. This allows you to provide the highest level of network security to all of our clients, regardless of size.

Why become a partner?

WatchPoint Partners gain access to more than just another security solution. WatchPoint adds an entire suite of security products and support team to your offerings.

Leverage Deception Technology

WatchPoint partnerships give you access to their proprietary deception technology, a unique type of security that ensures systems are protected.

Complete your security suite

WatchPoint provides you with our deception technology solutions and can also implement WatchPoint-On SIEM and Carbon Black solutions for your clients.

Provide more to your clients

Unlock the strength of industry-leading solutions backed by our expert support staff who will implement the entire security stack on your behalf.

Partnership Types


Becoming a Referrer is easy! All you need to do is fill out the form below and we’ll send you a SPIFF for each new customer that signs up (with a minimum agreement).


If you’d like to be a Reseller, it’s as easy as filling out the form and signing and agreement with us. We’ll take care of the billing for you and this is a little more formal, so you’ll be eligible for a rev-share on each client.


Our Partner level is a little more involved, but getting started is just as easy. With this level you’ll bill the customer directly and we’ll invoice you. We have a standard package but will be happy to work directly with you to negotiate pricing terms for resale.


Wholesalers are our closest and deepest partners – you are selling back to the Resellers and Partners. We negotiate our terms with each Wholesaler independently, so contact us for more information!

Interested in becoming a partner?

It’s fast and easy to generate extra business while providing your clients with better protection. Fill out the form to get signed up!