Our Next Generation EndPoint Security Solution Combines Three Key Elements to Deliver a Comprehensive Always-On Solution.



Security Operations Team

The Security Operations Team is always at the ready watching over your EndPoints and Servers. We maintain your security posture and continuously monitoring all activity. When an alert hits our Security Operation Center we response by isolating and removing the threat. Then we go a step further by determining how the breach occurred and close the gap.

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The WatchCloud offers industry leading Threat Analytics with continuously updated threats feeds as well as NIST Standard EndPoint configuration controls. We do all the processing at the server so your EndPoints don’t surfer. Our Servers are always on and watching, looking for anomalies and suspicious activities as well as assuring that your EndPoints are at their strongest.

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Security Agent

EndPoint Security Agent

Our EndPoint Security Agent continuously gathers security pertinent information and connects your EndPoint to our WatchCloud servers. It’s continuously checking to make sure your device’s security posture is at it’s most secure state. The agent runs and installs silently in the background, and uses the smallest footprint possible to keep your EndPoint performing smoothly.

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What Will Next Generation EndPoint Security Mean to You?


Know You’re Secure

With todays sophisticated threats and our adversaries’ persistence the “set-it-and-forget-it” mentality is not enough. Security is a process, not a product. Our services are always on and keeping a mindful eye for you.



Visibility Into the Unknown

Deep real-time view and understand of exactly what each EndPoint is doing and it’s current security posture. Know what’s running, what changes are being made, and it’s current configuration state.



Better Support

There’s no need to call us, of course you can if you choose to, when we see a problem we’ll call you. We’re on call 24×7 continuously there for you.


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