WatchPoint Data

Get the best in enterprise security for a SMB price

WatchPoint Data offers a really easy way to get enterprise strength security for your small to medium sized company at a price you can afford. We have designed a system that covers all of the most important areas of data security, we detect and respond to security threats and can also offer prevention tactics. This combination builds a full lifecycle response to security threats, giving your business a true holistic security strategy without the cost of internal specialist teams, or an expensive corporate security infrastructure.

What WatchPoint Data can do to protect your business

Security Lifecycle Management, Control, Containment and Response




WatchPoint use the best of breed end point security products to prevent malware infection. We make sure that your systems are patched and up to date, giving you peace of mind and making sure software vulnerabilities don’t let malicious code in.

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Detection of threats is an essential of modern IT and communications protection. WatchPoint offers a full spectrum of threat detection and analysis across your network. Using the state of the Art threat intelligence and monitoring solution, ‘Carbon Black’, WatchPoint security specialists have full visibility of any incoming security issues and any unusual internal events.

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The next stage of the lifecycle of security management is the ability to swiftly respond to security threats. WatchPoint Carbon Black threat analysis engine, allows our security response team to quickly pin point issues and respond to those threats closing off the problem, saving your business, financial, reputational and system losses.

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Data gathering and analytics:

Our powerful security intelligence and analysis engine, Carbon Black, gathers data across your system, giving visibility to issues and threats and allowing analysis of those threats. Our team of security specialists can spot security problems before they become a serious issue.

Security response team:

First responders who can tackle the most complex of security breaches. Respond, contain and eliminate the threat.


We watch over your network to see if any threats are developing. Our Carbon Black security console displays threats such as intruders and can detect system tamper attempts. Intelligence is based on the data gathered from millions of endpoints, then used to recognize and trap security threats that could affect your business.

Maintain a high level of security:

Make sure your system is fully patched, so software vulnerabilities don’t catch you out.


Any security issues spotted are quickly quarantined to prevent them affecting other points within your network.

Ease of use:

WatchPoint Data is easy to use because our team of security professionals and engineers setup and maintain everything for you, ensuring your own IT people do not have to learn new skills. We become your extended security team