The GIFTrap is the classic email tracking GIF, but it can be used for more than just email. The GIF image itself is a 1×1 pixel image that can be embedded into the body of an email and is also used by the XLSTrap. Whenever an email, or XLSTrap is opened, the image is rendered, and this action triggers the alert. Ideas for use:

  • Inserted into webpages that are only found through brute-force.
  • Email example: The idea here is that the GIFTrap provides a great way to know if your email account is ever hacked.
    1. Start by generating the GIFTrap > Then copy the entire URL.
    2. With your email client, create a new email signature > Next insert an image and past the entire GIFTrap URL > Be sure select ‘Insert – Link to File’.
    3. Then save the signature. This way you’ll have the GIFTrap saved and available for future use.
    4. Compose another email and select the new signature which contains the GIFTrap.
    5. Now send an email to yourself with an attractive subject line like ‘Banking Information” or “Remote Server Access Login”. Fill the body of the email with some fake information and send the email to yourself. It’s not a bad idea to create a new folder to place this email into as well.
    6. Now, whenever this email is opened, an alert is triggered. It will work on any platform including mobile devices.

This trap provides a great way to know if your email account is ever compromised. A hacker will most certainly look for emails like that contain sensitive information, so fill up you inbox and email folders with these traps.