Protecting your Business from Hackers

What is a hacker? Hackers are individuals, organized groups, or even government employees who deliberately use vulnerabilities in software and computer networks to gain access to your data and devices. Once they have that access, havoc reigns, either in the form of data theft, data corruption, or system downtime.

Computer hackers will stop at nothing to find entry points into your computers and network. Computer hacking is big business; these people do it for the money and the kudos amongst their peers. They don’t care if it costs you money and ultimately your business. You may have read about large financial losses caused by hackers attacking big organizations, such as the recent Target attack, which is estimated to have cost Target over $53 million, perhaps even as much as $248 million to date. These same hackers have now turned their attention to smaller companies like yours.

LineArtforWPD-FromHackersP3As a small business you cannot be expected to have the same sort of IT security resources as your larger counterparts, but you are facing the same threats. WatchPoint Data has recognized this gap in IT security resources and designed WatchPoint to fill it. Now you can have the same technology as a large organization to protect your computers and network against the hackers.

WatchPoint guards against hackers by continuously monitoring your servers and workstations, watching for incoming threats, keeping an eye on entry points and making sure you are protected at all times. It gives you a chance to protect your business against hackers attacking your system that otherwise you may not have, because of time constraints and lack of IT resources. WatchPoint levels the playing field with its easy to use Cloud console interface, giving you an overview of the state of your security threats at any given time, and allowing you to manage and control those threats.

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Don’t let hackers steal or corrupt your data. Let WatchPoint Data act as your network guardian, keeping your system running smoothly and protecting you from security threats. You can have the same protection as a big company, but at a price that’s affordable for a smaller organization.

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