Protection from Data Theft


LineArtforWPD-FromDataTheftP1Data spans a multitude of types. From personal details, including identity information – or often called Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – to business intellectual property, to login credentials, to public domain information. Data is big and data is little, but what all data is, is valuable. Because of the inherent value of data, which has both financial and personal importance, the US government has developed a whole range of policies and laws applicable to data protection. The US has over 20 national laws specific to data protection and privacy and hundreds of individual state laws in addition to the federal guidelines.


Obtaining access to business and personal data is attractive to hackers and other cyber-criminals. This is true across the board, from individuals wanting to extract credit card details, or commit identity theft, to company spies who want to get at your intellectual property. Data theft is big business and smaller companies are starting to be affected by it. In 2014 the FCC reported that theft of digital information had become more common than physical theft.

$194 per Record

Symantec along with Ponemon Institute has identified the costs associated with small business data theft. In the US, the average cost of a data breach incident was $194 per breached customer record.  So the loss of even 1000 customer records may result in massive financial losses for the average small business.

So – we as business owners and custodians of our customers’ data need to find ways of protecting this data, not only because of legal imperatives, but also because it directly affects our business bottom line.

WatchPoint Data has a solution for you that will protect your data and keep your business free from hackers, viruses and other malware that can be used to extract and corrupt data.

LineArtforWPD-FromDataTheftP5WatchPoint recognized that the use of a firewall was becoming less effective against ever more sophisticated attacks. In addition, smaller companies have neither the time nor the resources to keep on top of software patches. So we designed a system that works for you, watching your devices across your network, making sure that threats are identified quickly and you are alerted of potential incidents before they happen. We even take care of patch management, so you don’t have to, freeing up your time to get on with what you do best – running your company.

WatchPoint has been developed especially for smaller organizations, giving you the kind of data security that the large business has in place for a fraction of the cost.

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