Frequently Asked Questions

Does WatchPoint replace my current Antivirus?

No. WatchPoint is used in addition to your existing antivirus or anti-malware solution. Adding WatchPoint to your network provides additional layers of security that detect events beyond the capabilities of your current security products.

How does WatchPoint offer better protection than my current anti-malware solution?

The problem with anti-malware is that they are signature based solutions. They deal only in the KNOWN. Meaning they can only detect and stop threats that they already know about. Today there exists over 400,000,000 pieces of malware on the Internet with new variations and brand new versions created daily. Bottom line is just too much malware is being created for anti-malware companies to keep up with.
WatchPoint is different because it deals primarily in the UNKNOWN. WatchPoint Data uses a behavioral analysis and advanced threat scoring to differentiate between normal behavior and unusual/suspicious behavior. No signature is required.  We’ll know about an attack before you do and before your anti-malware ever will.

Will WatchPoint slow my system down?

No. WatchPoint is a very light weight product that runs in the background and is transparent to end users.

What if WatchPoint detects a legitimate program as a threat?

All programs are given a threat score. Legitimate programs could be detected as a threat but they will not be stopped from running. WatchPoint carefully investigates all suspicious activities then informs clients of any protective measures we take.

Was the WatchPoint software developed in house?

No, the WatchPoint software and solution has been customized for small to medium sized business. The threat intelligence software is created by Bit9 ( It has been around since 2002 but previous to WatchPoint the solution was only available for large enterprise organizations requiring in-house expertise to deploy and manage the solution. WatchPoint has tailored the solution for our clients and provides the expertise required to deploy and manage the solution.

What products can I compare this too?

None that we aware of. This is truly a bleeding edge solution so if you find one please share it with us!

What Operating Systems does WatchPoint Support?

Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Linux Red Hat, CentOS.