ht_word_300x300Microsoft Word is the most widely used word processing program, used by millions of businesses of all sizes, all over the world. Often these Word documents contain sensitive Personally Identifiable Information, trade secrets, banking information, and even user names and passwords. All of this information must be protected from cybercriminals, who are diligently working to infiltrate your network and steal this sensitive information.

A WatchDoc is similar to the PDF Protect, except that it applies to Microsoft Word documents. These files are placed in strategic locations such as My Documents, Desktop, at the root of C:\, and in network shares. Any place that cybercriminals will lurk, is where this WatchPoint should go.

This file format contains meta-data and that meta-data lends itself to providing a reliable notification whenever it is opened. The documents are real, the data within it is real, and the triggered alert upon opening is also real.

Example Doc:

    • The following document sits in the My Documents Folder

bank information

    • Immediately upon execution of this document an alert is received in my email inbox.

watchdoc alert

Other Use Case Examples

Shared Folders:

Ransomware hunts for network shares and so do cybercriminals. Ransomware has been known to encrypt folders in alphabetical order. So to stay ahead of new Ransomware variants, we recommend creating the following shared folders; “AAAA”, “MMMM”, and “ZZZZ”. The idea behind this is that no matter where Ransomware or a cybercriminal begins to look for your data, they are bound to trip over a WatchPoint and trigger an alert. So you’ll be immediately notified that you have an active threat on your network that needs attention.

Cloud Folders:

When you place files in the Cloud, how do you know they are secure? Do you trust the admins/support at DropBox to leave your files alone? What about Box, OneDrive, Office365 or HipChat, to name a few others? How do you know that someone hasn’t already stolen your login and gained access to your account? It’s a very scary question that our WatchPoints can help answer. Generate a WatchDoc and drop it in your Cloud account. Use it like bait and place it in several locations.

Removable Storage:

USB Flash drives are fantastic portable storage devices. Take your data from location to location, what could go wrong? Well, with the miniaturization of USB Flash drives, it has become pretty easy to misplace these drives. Additionally, there is always the threat that the drive will be stolen or lost and then found by someone with unscrupulous morals. A recent study found that 50% of people who found a USB flash drive would plug it in to see what is on it. With a WatchPoint, if someone ever “borrowed” your USB drive and returned it to your desk while you were out to lunch; you’d know about it. Without a WatchPoint, you wouldn’t.

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