WatchPoint Data and Carbon Black

Detection of Security Events and Issues for Small to Medium Sized Companies

WatchPoint Data lets you have the same sort of security protection that an enterprise has at a fraction of the cost. We give you big business visibility of security events and threat intelligence to give you the edge against cyber threats.
Cyber threats are on the increase and becoming ever more sophisticated, we need more than simple anti-virus software to stop the massive costs of cybercrime.
WatchPoint Data are members of the Carbon Black Connect Alliance Program allowing us to work with you to detect and respond to increasingly sophisticated cyber threats using powerful security intelligence.


Network Surveillance and Recording

Network security is becoming ever more difficult in a changing security landscape where cyber threats are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated.
In the past network security tools such as firewalls would give us the protection we needed. This situation has changed and we need a more holistic approach to securing our extended company network. We can no longer rely on tactical endpoint security tools. Instead we need to use more powerful network surveillance and greater visibility of threats to spot malicious activity, stop malware being installed and provide continuous monitoring of endpoints.
WatchPoint Data offers a way of extending your security skillset by using the state-of the art network monitoring and surveillance tool, Carbon Black. Carbon Black brings a cohesive view of your network and any threats made against it. You are able to have full visibility of your network including all endpoints. WatchPoint Data is an expert in analyzing the data output from the Carbon Black monitoring system to identify malicious behavior. These types of behaviors can take many forms, including, geolocation, spear phishing attacks, firewall tampering and other unusual activities.

Threat Analytics

Analyzing the data generated from holistic network monitoring is a specialized area. Carbon Black uses the data from millions of endpoints to build deep intelligence on threats and their vectors. It essentially builds up a model of the cyber security landscape that is continuously evolving as that landscape changes. WatchPoint Data has a team of security specialists who take the output from the Carbon Black network surveillance results and apply it to your system. Results from the monitoring and analysis of your individual threat landscape are then used to work out what is a cyber-threat and what is normal behavior. Our threat analysis team works to spot security threats, whilst minimizing false positives, providing only alerts that require action.
Carbon Black is a Cloud based monitoring system that continuously evolves as the threat landscape changes. Once deployed it provides visibility into any potential threats and security issues that are happening across your extended network, across the perimeter and down to endpoint level. The Carbon Black system then monitors and provides event data that we analyze, alerting on genuine problems found.

Intrusion Alerting

Next generation security monitoring tools like Carbon Black’s threat intelligence tool are very powerful. Spotting intrusions, malicious behavior and breaches. Carbon Black continuously monitors your network and endpoints, generating detailed security intelligence. WatchPoint Data is able to expertly analyze this output and generate intrusion alerts.
Carbon Black monitoring is highly powerful. It is an advanced threat intelligence solution that offers visibility across your extended network. The system will detect malicious behaviors and compromised endpoints. It also detects any potential security issues, including malicious software exposure. From this a series of threat feeds are generated which the WatchPoint security experts use to monitor your system and examine, in detail the threats and vectors identified. Once positive identification is made, threat alerts are generated and intrusion detection and response is initiated.