WatchPoint Data Security Protection Against Cybercriminals

Upping the ante against cybercriminal invasion of your network

WatchPoint Data know cybercrime. We know how it is applied, we know who commits it and we know how to deal with the cybercriminals and the results of their actions.

WatchPoint Data offer a whole lifecycle of security protection to contain the actions of cybercriminals – we offer security 2.0 to contain a shifting cybercrime landscape. Read on for what you, as a small to medium sized organization are now up against in the increasingly sophisticated arena of cyber security threats…


The cybercrime landscape

Cybercrime is evolving. What was once the preserve of the lone opportunist, sending out emails in a scatter gun approach in the hope that someone would respond, is now a much more organized and well-funded operation, targeting companies of all shapes and sizes. The cybercriminal has turned their eyes on the SMB, believing that you have poor security in place and are therefore an easy target.

Cybercriminals are using highly targeted methods to get at your data, your money and your reputation. Methods like spear phishing are on the rise and are highly effective. Spear phishing methods work by using human behavior, sometimes called ‘social engineering’. It is this level of sophistication that makes spear phishing so successful; spear phishing emails having a 70% open rate according to security analysis by FireEye.
Cybercriminals are targeting the weakest link in supply chains to try and get at resources throughout that chain, including those at the top. The SMB is targeted because the cybercriminal knows that you have less to spend on security and so must be less protected than your enterprise counterparts. Going after the SMB can ultimately get to the enterprise at the top of the chain. An example of this is the massive Target breach, which ultimately exposed 100 million customer accounts. This breach was believed to have started further down the chain with a Target supplier being spear phished and Target network credentials being exposed.
The landscape is changing so quickly that we are in an arms race with the cybercriminal and we need to use more than end point security tools like firewalls and anti-virus to protect ourselves – we need to use security monitoring, intelligence and responsive teams of security experts to deal with this.

The costs of cybercrime

Cybercrime is becoming a costly business. Not just in terms of financial losses, but also in fines for lack of compliance and reputational losses too. Although we read regular news articles about the latest major breach, such as the recent attacks on the IRS which ended up costing upwards of $50 million of U.S. tax payer’s money and the Anthem insurance company breach, which looks set to cost over $100 million, other costs such as reputational costs are difficult to quantify but can have devastating consequences. More recently, personal costs such as the sackings of the CEO of Target after the breach that affected 40 million customers and the head of the Federal Office of Personal Management (OPM) which recently suffered a breach affecting over 22 million employees.

There are regular updates on the costs of cybercrime, each of which build on the former showing increasing financial losses. In a 2013 Ponemon study on the costs of cybercrime, they worked out the average cost per breached record is $277
According to The National Small Business Association in 2013 44% of SMB’s were the target of a cyber-attack costing on average $9000 per breach. The Ponemon Institute in a study a year later backed up this finding by showing that in SMBs the cost per seat of a cybercrime is significantly higher than for a larger organization. What is perhaps more alarming that anything is that a study by the National Cyber Security Alliance showed that 60% of small to medium sized organizations, hit by a cyber-attack, ended up going out of business within 6 months of the attack.

How WatchPoint Data helps

We are caught up in a battle with cybercriminals and we need the right resources in place to defend ourselves. As they become ever more sophisticated and well run, often having state or foreign enterprise sponsorship, we need to beat them at their own game by using intelligence against them. The security 1.0 tools of the past, such as firewalls and anti-virus are no longer enough to help us win this battle. We need security 2.0 tools that use security intelligence and trained professionals to fight our battles for us. This is where WatchPoint Data enters the battlefield. We give you security 2.0, to extend your IT team, giving your company powerful weapons against the cybercriminal and thwarting their attacks.

WatchPoint Data uses the Carbon Black security monitoring and intelllience gathering tool [link to solutions page]to identify and quickly contain security problems before they affect your organization.
We also have a 24/7/365 swat team ready to quickly respond [link to response page] to any security problems as and when they occur, quickly quarantining any problem, maintaining your security infrastructure and fixing any problem that may occur.
WatchPoint Data is a powerful, experienced team of security professionals using state-of-the-art security 2.0 tools to ensure you win the battle against the cybercriminal.