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:17 Seconds to detection

Stop Actively Running Ransomware 

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Detect and isolate ransomware that your prevention tools miss. 

CryptoStopper is a proven solution to stop actively running ransomware infections on Windows workstations and servers. Here is how it works: 

1) Deploy Watcher Files

CryptoStopper uses deception technology to detect ransomware. During the installation process, decoy files are strategically deployed. We call these Watcher Files. When ransomware begins the encryption process, CryptoStopper detects it in real-time and takes action.



2) Up and Running

Cyber security tools don’t need to be over burdensome. CryptoStopper doesn’t require additional hardware for you to maintain. You will be protected in a matter of minutes.

3) Fast Acting

When ransomware attacks, CryptoStopper takes swift action. An administrative alert is sent to your security team with critical details about the attack. The infected workstation is automatically shutdown to prevent further network damage.



4) Always Watching

With the Watcher Files deployed, CryptoStopper is continually monitoring for nefarious encryption activity. Even if the Watcher Files are deleted they self-heal and are protecting you again in milliseconds.

5) Signature-less

Unlike Anti-Malware, CryptoStopper is signature-less. Because CryptoStopper is watching for the encryption action itself, it will always detect the activity of encryption rather than detecting the specific variant of ransomware running.



6) Unavoidable

Ransomware can’t avoid tripping over the Watcher Files. The Watcher Files are randomly generated to avoid detection. We are continually researching the latest ransomware variants to ensure CryptoStopper remains unavoidable.

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