WatchPoint Data Story


LineArtforWPD-AboutP2WatchPoint is all about protecting your business from the most common and prevalent cyber attacks. We believe in securing your valuable data and programs so that you can focus on the things that matter to your company—like making business decisions and increasing productivity.

It is no secret that data theft, viruses and hacking result to billions in damages per year. Small businesses, which are usually the least protected, are hit the most. The answer lies in an advanced security solution, one that can provide you with the right tools to gain advantage over this network of cyber criminals.

WatchPoint makes use of the same technology that big businesses apply to their own cyber infrastructure. This means that you a get top quality threat management system at less cost. WatchPoint makes use of a single pane of glass to give you access to all the facets of your business. With advanced visibility, you get advanced control over all areas of your data network.

LineArtforWPD-AboutP4WatchPoint alerts you and responds to cyber security issues before they happen, so there is virtually no way for a virus, a hack or theft of any level to happen. That is the advanced technology that WatchPoint offers, an always active alert system to allow you to keep your worries at bay.

WatchPoint offers you 3 levels of protection, depending on the needs of your business. Level 1 is free and offers the basic features while levels 2 and 3 beef up the protection infrastructure. These add-ons go the extra mile to provide your business networks the added security they need to make sure that you, your customers and your reputation are thoroughly covered.

WatchPoint will help you say goodbye to the different security risks that businesses face every year. You no longer need to worry about losing millions worth in damages because of a slip-up in security. WatchPoint guarantees full protection, all the time, on all areas of your business network.