LineArtforWPD-MotivationP1A lot is being said about securing your business network through technology but there is hardly any information about the mind of the cyber attackers and what it is that motivates them. The truth is, before you can effectively protect your business, you need to be able to think like a hacker.

From there you can figure out where you are most vulnerable, and then be able to develop a plan to lessen your exposure to hackers. If you are able to understand who would actually want to do your business harm and what they can gain from doing so, the better you are able to protect yourself, your data and your company.

LineArtforWPD-MotivationP3Today’s attackers look for systems that have weaknesses that are easy to exploit, which they can turn into their advantage. It is the weakly secured systems that these attackers use as bases to launch more advanced attacks.

The motivations of hackers are complex and varied. One motivation is their invisibleness. Another is the prospect of learning a lot from a company’s private database, while keeping their invisibility. Some hackers may be motivated by getting paid for this information, while some are just plain curious about what they can find out about your company or the individuals in it.

Some hackers may only be trying to help out. This may even have happened to you. In your quest to help, you may have bypassed some policies in order to fix emergencies or problems, thinking that this is more important than having to follow the established policies. Bypassing policies is considered as an element of hacking.

Regardless of the reason or motivation of a hacker, it is important to know that information at the wrong hands is always dangerous. That is why it is critical for you to always secure your network data.