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ABOUT Millhiser Smith: Millhiser Smith is a long standing company offering a multitude of insurance services to their clients.

Why WatchPoint Data: Millhiser Smith was losing vital business operation time in the struggle to remain virus-free. They were struggling to keep their network safe and needed a highly responsive, easy-to-use solution. WatchPoint Data (WPD) is that solution. WPD offers an active alert system which monitors your network for security vulnerabilities, so you don’t have to.


  • A solution that is easy to use and has a simple dashboard
  • To ensure all servers and workstations have the most current patches and anti-virus software versions
  • Protect sensitive data at all times


Executive Summary: Problem Setting

Virus-Removal-Quote2&3Millhiser Smith started using WatchPoint Data in December 2014.  With 45 workstations and 3 servers, keeping all the devices current with patches and anti-virus was an ongoing struggle.  Battling virus infections was a constant fight, with virus removal taking at least 2 hours per incident.

Millhiser Smith thought they needed a better anti-virus.  It turned out that they needed better visibility of patching and a better anti-virus.  The IT team thought they were keeping stations up to date with auto updates turned on, and occasional manual verification.  A patch management system was not being used.

The Threat Landscape

The WatchPoint solution quickly revealed the issue; workstations were not receiving timely patch updates and worse still, some workstations were not being patched.

This is a serious security problem; forgetting to patch or delayed patching is one of the most common security threats. Humans are well known as being the weakest link in the security chain, and overloaded network managers can find it hard to keep up with the continuing array of patches issued by companies such as Microsoft. The 2015 HP Security Report highlights the importance of patch management – see graph below.

Source: Hewlett Packard 2015
Source: Hewlett Packard 2015

In addition, viruses are targeting software exploits rather than running scripts or executable files.  This makes anti-virus detection much more difficult; tools such as WatchPoint have been designed to handle this new, more sophisticated threat.  Keeping the Microsoft products and up to fifteen other software programs per station up to date without a patch management system was nearly impossible.

The Problem SolvedQuote3-200x400

In 2014 the FCC reported that theft of digital information has become more common than physical theft.  With the constant daily reports of system breaches, data loss statistics and the cost of these intrusions, Millhiser Smith quickly came to realize that the sensitive data they held must be protected using the best and most responsive technology. To resolve this, Millhiser Smith chose WatchPoint for the task.

Once WatchPoint was installed, it went to work to identify where Millhiser Smith’s main issues were. WatchPoint quickly identified the patching problem and put patch management in place to alleviate it.

WatchPoint: Your Own Cyber Guard DogQuote4LD-250x500

WatchPoint recognizes that the hackers don’t just target the big corporations anymore. They are placing their focus on small-to-medium- sized organizations, targeting those that don’t have the in-house knowledge or tools to handle concerted attacks against their network and data.

WatchPoint has developed a solution that sits as a console within your network, monitoring and informing you of potential threats and how to deal with them.

How WatchPoint Works

Network connected devices are shown in a dashboard to make it easy to see which stations are up-to-date and which are not.  This is invaluable to a network administrator or office manager tasked with keeping everything up to date.

MSA-Device-ListWhen a station has a warning sign or red X you know there is something that needs attention.  Grant, Millhiser Smith’s network admin, is able to mouse hover over the affected machine and easily see what the issue is.  Grant wants to see a sea of green, and know that everything is up to date.


Millhiser Smith, like many other small to medium sized companies, has sensitive data that needs reliable protection. They do not have the bandwidth or skills to monitor constantly changing security threats. WatchPoint Data has developed an intuitive solution to the issue of responsive network security which is simple to install and easy to understand.  It has given Millhiser Smith a competitive edge by protecting their data and allowing them to focus on their core business.