About Us

At WatchPoint, our goal is to make cyber security straightforward and successful – that means faster time-to-detection and fewer false positives. In the pursuit of creating advanced next generation systems, companies have overcomplicated their security solutions and excluded tried and true methods.  Cyber security should be easy to implement and offer more than just defense; it should give you the upper hand.

WatchPoint gives businesses an advantage over their attackers. By using proven systems which emphasize the essentials, we allow businesses to withstand an attack, even after it’s reached the internal network. Our system of traps and decoys lowers the time-to-discovery and safeguards one of the most critical elements of a business, its data.

Greg Edwards


Before Greg founded WatchPoint, he started Axis Backup, a backup and disaster recovery company for the insurance industry. He saw firsthand the rapid increase in the damage cyber criminals were doing with debilitating malware resulting in high financial loss to vulnerable companies. Between 2012 and 2015, one in five of Axis Backup’s clients was hit by cyber crime. Greg realized effective cyber security could save businesses from costly downtime and compromised systems. In 2015, Axis Backup was acquired by J2 Global, freeing Greg to create WatchPoint and focus exclusively on cyber security.

Nate Studebaker

Chief Hacking Officer

Nathan oversees our WatchPoint offensive cyber security team, continually adding to our threat intelligence alert system and monitoring the stream of attack vectors. He is a Certified Ethical Hacker (eccouncil.org) who fights cybercriminals by understanding their motivation, knowledge and tools. Nathan’s background is in infrastructure design and management within data center and cloud environments.

Nathan is a “white hat hacker”, an anti-hacker professional who stays ahead of the cybercrime curve.

Chris Hartwig

Security Analyst II

Chris heads our support team and is responsible for overall customer support questions and issues. He also actively works to improve our threat intelligence by analyzing the latest malware threats and adding info gained to our threat intelligence alert system. Chris writes extensively about ransomware and security threats in the WatchPoint blog. Prior to WatchPoint, Chris supported employees in a large enterprise environment and administered home office connectivity and security for remote sales representatives.